My name is Rhea and I love to cook. I love to make new recipes, I love to invent recipes, and I really love to make the food I grew up eating- Pakistani food. It is absolutely delicious. When I got married and moved away, I started really craving all that delicious goodness so everyday I would call my mom, dad, or sister and ask them for a recipe. The problem was that they had been making this food for so long they had no actual measurements for anything. They just knew by looking at it. So I thought wouldn’t it be great if I started actually writing down the recipes as I made them with actual measurements so that when my other sisters end up wanting to have a meal like mom’s they won’t have to go through what I went through. My initial thoughts were to just type up the recipes as I went along and then just email it to my siblings, but my wonderful husband had a better idea. He recommended I start a blog so that it will be easily accessible and it might be able to help others as well. There’s just one thing…

I HATE traditional recipe blogs. 

Recipe blogs are great and helpful, don’t get me wrong, but I hate having to scroll down through an entire essay to get to the real reason I clicked on the link to begin with. So I decided I would go ahead and start the blog but avoid the whole essay. You want a recipe. That is what you will get. I will have some helpful notes where I deem them necessary but that is all. This blog will have recipes ranging from traditional foods to western foods to anything else really that I make that week and it turns out delicious. If the recipe is something I adapted from a certain friend or relative I will probably include that name in the recipe, otherwise just assume that it is my mom’s recipe or one that I came by on my own. 

Happy Cooking! 


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